Friday, January 27, 2012

Rumi - Desire


When you doubt, 
you are afraid to feel,
Because feeling will make you big,
It will make you expand your being
Feeling will make you real 
Feeling will make you ,you
 Are you ready to stop playing the game of doubt and 
what it’s like 
to have triumphant discovery of new consciousness?"

Just be..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Empty road
Lined with laburnum
Ashes from a burnt out fire
Exude a fragrance of an era
An era not etched anywhere on the wheels of time
A tiny ember still ignited
Lies next to a milestone
Seven skies apart is a dream
Hazy in the winter fog
Nested in the niche of her heart
She remembers the promise of the summer sun
And smiles at the thought
That suddenly leapt out of the portals of her dream
the laburnum seeds will burst out
into a golden glory
and will bask in lazy sunshine
......ghazal.................8:30 pm....24 Jan 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Between the coffee mug and my lips

Between my coffee mug and my lips
Are thoughts meandering with the fumes
Forming swirling patterns in the air
Pregnant with unanswered questions
Why is time still when life seems to rush away
Like sea gulls over the frozen lake
In search of a whiff of life!
Between my coffee mug and my lips
Is life in flashes
Photographic memories of days bygone
When the trees were orange in the orange sunset
And set the gulmohar on flames
The avenue lined with them on either side
We played hide and seek
I hid and you could never find me
Even after counting till 100
Between my coffee mug and my lips
Are ambiguous visions of March
When spring kisses the flowers in your garden
I smile
And the coffee is no longer salty............9:30pm..ghazal

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Glass Shoe

Cinderella was oblivious to the march of the sentinel who paraded on the fixed orbit of the big clock in the ball room of the palace.She danced  with the prince as if in a trance.Time seemed to melt away.They were as close as the two hands of the clock that were about to meet and embrace the moment .tick..tock..tick..tock..and it was then that she realized what was happening.The magic was about to end.she broke free from his embrace.Before the clock could strike 12 she had to be back where she belonged.The magic was about to end.One of her shoes slipped out of her dainty feet as she ran away from the prince’s palace.She did not stop.when the clock struck the final cord of midnight the magic faded away.She was back in her dark,sooty world,clad in her rags.The chariot had turned back into the big pumpkin.
Why didn’t the shoe lose its magic?..the shoe that was in the hands of the prince...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moonphali mein daana nahin

Cocooned  in the cosy hollow
Wrapped in a soft veil of peach
I wait to rise, stretch and yawn
Expand my being
Explore my softness
Gently and gradually turning crisp with  changing times
And then...
I feel myself being lifted
My life nestled in the hollow of thy hands
I’m swept off my feet
I feel a sense of elation as I feel the roller coaster
Taking me up to zenith and then nadir
The clang of a metal
Is  like the chime of bells
Announcing a new phase of my life
I gasp for breadth
Enjoying the waves of the moment
I feel the warmth of embers gently enveloping my soul.
The shifting sands of time
Burying me in their depths
And ever so consistently
My softness is replaced by a hardened maturity
How strange are the ways of life!
I yearned for that womb that held me
When life was raw
Those days were over...
The veil was cracked
And so was the wall that held me captive
and then...
I saw my world crumbling before my eyes veil ripped off
I was  tossed in the air.
I yelled
I shrieked
And I heard ever so clearly
Before i was crunched between canines
Dus rupaye ki sau gram............................................Ghazal..10 pm..5.1.12

(written in jest as i pop in one dana of moongphali after the other thinking what a piece of work it is!you can never have enough of it and when the weather is as foggy and cold as it is today there’s nothing that can beat the taste of freshly roasted groundnuts..with chutney or namak)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the magic door

Life’s circular,just like anything else.You realize that  it comes full circle at some stage of your life.So there’re no such things as ends or beginnings-only middles.I didn’t begin my life with you.We just linked hands somewhere in the middle.My life will not end.Somewhere in the middle it will change tracks.keep searching...that magic door is invisible

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