Sunday, February 19, 2012

Air,Water,Fire and Ice

These are a few of my favourite clicks!

 Zeus raising his head to blaze the sky...
Nature trying its best to balance the warm and the cool colours of the sky
 icing on top of the world
 A bit of wandering wispy fluff,wind ..
 Blaze flash..
 I'm rooted to the grounds oh cannot shake me up so will be shattered like wisps of clouds that crown the sky above

 small wonder...braving the cold
 Raven in rest after sunset...
 There is an interplay of light and shadow if you look at the wings closely..
 water water everyehere..
 A mirage ..a reflection
 Closer to the mirage..i discover two worlds..
 an under-water wonder world

Friday, February 17, 2012

Crimson Ecstasy

What did you have in mind when you crafted this piece!
A pair of scissors
A stainless steel needle
A reel of thread?
The blades pierce the heart of a lover
To fill up your palette with crimson deep
Deeper than the Mediterranean
Colours ...
what will they do without a base!
Suspended in idleness
A rainbow in the sky!
you reach out
 to grab a handful of white gossamer
worn as a veil by the goddess of beauty
how dexterously you cut out
one velvet petal after the other
Dipped in crimson
Sewed together at the base
Not a wrinkle or a crease to disturb the rendezvous
Of the petals with the green alcove
That holds them in an everlasting embrace
Your  dreams meander in the crimson whirlpool
You breathe over it...
Magical is the night
That loses itself in its fragrance
Enigmatic is the breeze that carries its message on its wings
Your angels sweat in anticipation
Waiting for your creation to come alive
And then
A tear from your eye falls on it...
The rose trembles in ecstasy

--Ghazal..17th feb 2012...21:15pm

All the precious words

you and I have exchanged

have found their way

into the heart of the universe

One day they'll pour on us

like whispering rain

helping us arise

from our roots again


~ Rumi

Rumi - Fields of Gold (helping us arise from our roots again)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Saga of a flight

This game of words
Has conjured
Images of a kite
Flying up high in the sky
A saga of its flight

What do they mean
Why do they mean
The voices inside scream
One end is tied up to the wheel
And one is free to dream

Of heights and breeze
And calm blue seas
Somersaults in the air
It soars up high, ecstatic cry
A game of solitaire!

What if the wheel just loosens it?
And lets it drift away!
the sky of lead above the world
will just not let it sway
and when i take a walk out there
i’ll find it stuck in a branch
 of a willow standing as witness
to its avalanche

Jaded, faded
rustling in the storm

...ghazal..4th feb 2012..10.50 am

Sketches in literature

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