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Carpet weaving in Kashmir

Kashmir Carpets are known worldwide for their mesmerizing beauty and excellent artistry. The exclusive handmade carpets ranging from superbly crafted wool carpets to the high quality wool / silk blends and the epitome of luxury, the pure silk Kashmir carpets are widely demanded all across the world. Kashmir carpets are quite expensive though nowadays replica designs are also available at cheaper rates. However, no replica designs can match up with the original designs and Kashmiri carpets and rugs are a worthwhile lifelong investment. These carpets reflect the beauty of the place itself. Today, Kashmir carpet rugs especially those constructed from silk are the most sought after floor covering items in the world.

Kashmiri Carpets Rugs Hand Knotted
Kashmir carpets are always handmade. Apart from being always handmade, a noteworthy quality and feature of Kashmir carpets is that they are always knotted and never tufted. The knots determine the durability and the strength of the Carpet or Rug. Kashmir carpets are often woven either double knots or and single knot. As compared to double knotted carpets, single knotted carpets are fluffier. The double knotted carpet pile is less resistant to touch and pressure.

Kashmiri Carpets Art
The carpet weaving craft did not originate in Kashmir. It is said that the carpet weaving technique and style have been acquired from Persia. The carpet weaving initially was very much influenced by the Persian designs, styles and patterns. However in the late seventeenth century, Indian style began to replace the Persian style, though most carpet designs, even today, reflect a Persian touch.

Yarns used in Kashmir Carpets and Rugs
The yarns used are either silk or wool or a combination of the two. Pile is usually wool. While manufacturing woollen carpets, cotton is used as base; silk carpets may have a cotton or silk base. As compared to woollen carpets, silk carpets are expensive. Sometimes silk is used in the woollen carpets for extra sheen. Woollen carpets are soft and make thinner folds. They are more flexible and have the shine of the silk. The knots per square inches in these carpets are high. Silk Kashmir carpets have a distinct sheen with velvety soft touch.

Designs, Patterns, Colors in Kashmir Carpets
Carpet woven in Kashmir is a marvellous piece of art. If installed in homes, these carpets lend their beauty to the whole environment. Carpets are beautified by intricate patterns and marvellous designs. The most popular design of these carpets is the tree of life. Designs are mainly floral or zoological though geometrical motifs are also found. The designs are named after Iranian city like Kashan, Kirman, Ardabil, Meshad, Qum, Faraghan, Hamadan and so on. The colors of the Kashmir carpet distinguish it from the other carpets. The carpet colors are more subtle and muted. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring the yarn. All shades of red, green, yellow, blue are used predominantly. All the carpets are quite unique in themselves. Each piece is differentiated from others by their color-way and other details.

Kashmir Carpet Weaving Style
Carpet weaving technique used in Kashmir is called Talim. It is in fact a blueprint of carpet weaving. It is paper that is covered with interminable rows of twists, curves and hieroglyphs. After learning the design depicted on the Talim for months, the actual manufacturing starts.

Buying Tips
If you want to buy Kashmir carpet it is necessary to keep in mind certain things. As this carpet is very expensive and is one time investment, it is must that you keep the following factors in your mind before purchasing Kashmir carpets

·         Check carefully the material of the carpet. Take a close look to see that the carpet you are purchasing has been made of silk pile on silk base, silk pile on cotton base, silk and wool on cotton base or wool on cotton base.
·         You can enquire the knotting pattern just seeing the carpet from the reverse side
·         Look the carpet carefully and enquire whether all the design has been woven correctly
·         Also whether each motif or element of design has clear, crisp outlines
·         Also feel the edges with your hand to find out whether the edges are smooth or not. 

The loom has silk threads stretched across tightly through which the weaver weaves patterns.

A weaver at work..focus is the mantra

The patterns are first coded on a sheet of parchment.The weaver has to continuously refer to the code so as not to miss out a design.the designs are very well balanced and symmetrical.

Silk threads are imported from China

There are few coded patterns available.The weaver changes colour schemes to create novelty in designs.The codes are inherited from forefathers.

Mughal patterns are in great demand.

Peacock immortalized ..a dream is woven

Omar Khayyam with his goblet ..this pattern symbolizes his love for wine and woman..both intoxicating.

Geometrical pattern in tribal colours

Weaver of dreams..magic carpets.Perhaps Alladin had such a carpet that took him across continents.These carpets are magical in the sense that one sees different shades and hues from different angles.


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