Saturday, April 21, 2012

For You Amma!with all my love..

(for you..Saba Shamim  Amma!)

Would you have liked a jugnu if it had no fire in its belly?

A tulip reverently holding
Light in its hands,
folded in a silent prayer
throwing it away like the ash of a deceased in the vast thirsty sea?
the flame of the forest
burning out in fumes
not red but cold and blue ?
the camomile in a dusky maidens hair
white on the periphery
gradually turning warm
exuding the fragrance alien to the senses?
A laburnum without the sunshine
Smeared on each petal..

Would you?

Of all these flowers of the sun
The laburnum stands out for me
For when I look at it
reaching out to my balcony
It’s her I see in the flowers
The pods hang down
Pregnant with life
About to burst into dazzling light...

She left last night
To a distant land
For a while
Just for a while
For she will come back to me
With more sunshine in her hands
To bless me with the light
To see the world better...

the laburnum stands tall
devoid of foliage
waiting for her return
the pods hold back the passion
with bated breath
whispering her name

...(how i miss her!i hope time flies and she is back with the bursting foliage on the laburnum overlooking my balcony!)...12.00noon..22.4.12

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yellow and White

Its white and yellow
The colour for the day
With you across the landscape of the soul

The silver on the sides
Capture the twinkle of the eyes
As you lift it up
Ever so gently
So as not to disturb the serene ambiance

The water in the stem glass
Is witness to the whispers
That the music emanates from the heart

As I drape the sunshine around my neck
I feel the warmth seep in
And I cannot but help
Give a part of the sun to you
As that is all I have

So I hold some warmth
In the hollow of my hand
And pass it on to you
To take it back or let it fly
To some unknown distant land

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