Monday, December 14, 2015



Puts you in a spot
Then pulls you in a vacuum
You stay put
With a tilt of your head
Till the eye of the cam
Glares at you with all it’s might
Squeezing the life out of you
Freezing you in a molten frame
And all this while
All this while a wanderer passing by
Looks at you in wonder
His hands holing a rose
Close in more carefully around the stem
Till a maiden adorns them in her hair
A hurt pigeon breathes its last
A shooting star crumbles into dust
A flower blooms
An orchard resonates
With the humming of honeybees
A tree drops a leaf
Gently , silently, in a whisper
Like a prayer from the lips of that old old monk
Who lives on that hill yonder
The sun melts the sky in all shades of fire

And the eye holds you captive
A plastic form
A cold piece of flesh
Frozen veins
Thunderous applause
Of the click
And the shutter closes on you
Shutting you in a catacomb

Till you exhale and live 

Sketches in literature

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