Monday, February 22, 2016

A tribute to Intezar Husain

Dedicated to Intezar Husain-The legend who lives on in our hearts forever.

You promised you would visit my home
For last time was too busy
And we couldn’t go to the bird sanctuary
Or the by lanes of old Delhi
Or meet Bittu who has an eatery just round the corner
You promised you would come...
I remember a long time ago
A marigold in your hand
You found amid the trimmed hedges at my place
How tenderly you had picked it up and cupped it in your hands.
The sun had so subtly borrowed some yellows
from the sunshine in your palms
And as you walked ahead
With me , a little girl , trying to match your steps
My tiny steps
Struggling to keep pace with you and Papa
You stopped and smiled and matched your pace with mine
And at the Okhla Barage
Under the big banyan tree
As you paused to take a look around
The monkey with the long tail
Cautiously climbed down
And snatched the flower from your hand
How you smiled!
The notes of the orchestra coudnt be sweeter.
“Kahaniyon ki jade bohot gehri hoti hain lekin nazmein
...nazmein to awaara hoti hain..’’

Your words still ring in my ears
And today
As I watch the sunset
The yellows are a shade quieter
A story in my heart
will live on forever in quietude
The paper is wet
The ink-
(Rest in peace Intezar Husain)


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  1. I had privilege of attending to several lectures of Shamim Hanfi sir, in Month of Oct-Nov 2015, before they were to visit Pakistan. A great personality, so humble a person. Shamim sir had direct interactions with literary giants like Firaq Saab, Akhtar-ul-Imaan, Intizar Hussain Saab, Qurrat-ul-Ain Hayder and many more ... we felt like we are interacting to those through Shamim Hanfi Sir.
    I saw, directors to peons all so pleased and respectful to Sir. I wish him, a good health, a long life.

    A suggestion, give better interface, and keep blog post more organised and accessible, it's worth it, I incidentally landed here through google.



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